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How We Get Great Audio At Weddings

Wedding Videography Audio

Many great filmmakers say that whilst there is plenty an editor can do with average footage, there is very little that can be done with average audio. Given that your vows and the speeches at your wedding are amongst the most treasured words of your life, we take audio seriously when filming weddings.

Great audio is about a number of things. One of those is redundancy. When filming a live and dynamic event like a wedding ceremony or wedding reception, things can change quickly, and how you planned how things will work can often deviate at the last minute. For that reason, a wedding videographer can’t have enough backups.

When we are filming weddings, we normally have a tiny lapel microphone connected to a small digital audio recorder that we ask the groom to put into his inside jacket pocket. This lapel microphone can barely be seen in photographs, yet it captures the audio between the groom, bride and celebrant or priest very well. In addition, we’ll normally connect another digital audio recorder to the PA system in the church or venue, to capture microphones within the venue, without the background noise interfering. And if that wasn’t enough, we use high quality Rode microphones on top of all our cameras. Generally, any one of these will provide us with very good quality audio, but together, we can switch between the microphones when editing. This setup also gives us five single points of redundancy, meaning that in the unlikely event of one microphone stopping working, we have another four as backups.

Great quality audio and sufficient redundancy is just one of the aspects which sets professional wedding videographers like Lough Derg Films apart from more amateur or cheaper videographers, and we can’t honestly emphasis just how important good audio is.